Six Reasons You Need AllTraxx Fleet Tracking On Your Business’s Vehicles

The days of “How’s My Driving?” stickers on the back of a truck are over. You can do a lot better than that with GPS fleet tracking from AllTraxx.

If you make use of a fleet of vehicles, in any industry, fleet management is must. You can be increasing productivity and decreasing fuel consumption almost instantly. With AllTraxx, it’s easy. Once the AllTraxx system is plugged or hardwired into your vehicles, you’ve got real-time data and historical reports at a glance, as well as custom alerts.
Using AllTraxx is a fast return on investment. Here’s how:

  1. Sometimes drivers take the long way. Without seeing the GPS data, you can’t know and can’t tell your driver there’s a short cut that takes ten minutes off the drive.
  2. Knowing where your drivers are and how long they stay there is key to keeping accurate hours. When drivers keep their own time sheets, they can “round up” their hours and you can end up paying for hours they haven’t worked.
  3. AllTraxx fleet tracking benefits your employees as well. If a customer complains that they never received service or a delivery wasn’t attempted, you’ve got proof of service. In case of billing disputes, these records can prove invaluable.
  4. A custom idle time alert lets you know when your drivers are sitting still and wasting gas. It doesn’t take much idling to add up to a big chunk of money at the end of the year. Idling your vehicle for 10 minutes a day can waste more than 27 gallons of fuel a year.
  5. Heaven forbid your vehicle ever gets stolen, but it’s been known to happen. With AllTraxx tracking, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve got real-time location information on your assets.
  6. When you set a custom speed alert, you know when your drivers are going too fast. Reckless driving doesn’t reflect well on your business, and you can correct your drivers’ behaviour before it leads to an avoidable accident.

Try out AllTraxx fleet tracking today. You’ll be amazed by the money you’ll save.