AllTraxx Companion

The AllTraxx Companion© is a fully integrated, hard-wired tracking device in a small package ideal for monitoring and control of mobile and remote assets.


The AllTraxx Companion©, Companion-3G© & Companion-CDMA© are a cost effective, compact, hard-wired, fully integrated tracking device for communicating a vehicle(s) location, speed, and other data available through the OBD port of their vehicles. This unit has an optional external GPS connector and can be covertly installed in tight locations.



  • Dimensions: 2.0” X 1.8” X 1”
  • Weight: <2 oz.
  • GPRS class B multi-slot class 10
  • Supports 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • LED status indicators for GPS lock and GSM registration
  • Over-the-air firmware upgrade
  • Supports TCP, UDP, FTP
  • Integrated GPS engine and GPS antenna
  • Supports SMS connectivity
  • Optional external GPS antennas for improved GPS sensitivity